Christopher Rogers Inc. - Creative Director, Designer, Photo, Video, Makeup, Hair, Costume
About Us
What is a Creative Director?  A creative director is a person that has an artistic flare with business savvy that revels in being able to share their expertise with others. Their experience and vision allows them to see through walls and around corners to come up with solutions that hadn't been  thought of, or thought possible, before.  A Creative Director is a collaborative visionary with access to production facilities that can take a concept and wring every last drop of marketability out of it.  Up to and including branding identity and theme song. 
Christopher Rogers Inc. is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your creative directing needs.  With working relationships with models, composers, writers, designers, artists, stylists and more, Christopher Rogers Inc. can treat any size client with the respect, professionalism and dedication they deserve.
Please look around our website to see the directions we have designed for other clients and then contact us to see what we can do with your vision

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